About BenefitCompare

BenefitCompare saves agents time by presenting insurance products visually to both individuals and employer groups. 

Start by importing a census, an agent and a business owner can define a portfolio of benefits from products available in the marketplace. 

You and your client may establish a budget to contribute towards each employees' premium or savings account. 

BenefitCompare is smart about insurance quotes. In addition to monthly premium, we compare forecasted out-of-pocket costs. A summary is included in your proposal shared through your branded portal. 

BenefitCompare also helps brokers reach families and individuals, and guide them to a suitable health plan. Our confidential health survey helps shoppers to forecast family health claims. Predicted usage and available subsidies allow BenefitCompare to highlight product from your portfolio. 

People looking to save money or buy a better benefit can knowledgeably participate with their agent in their health insurance strategy. BenefitCompare is cutting edge technology to support your high level of client service.

Our Story

Health Insurance is not just about a premium quote and a sale.  We built a tool to support your clients with their core concerns.  

BenefitCompare assists agents in enrolling their individual and small group clients with ease.  Here is a tool that enables employees to select their benefits from the comfort of their homes. A report models the influence of claims on out-of-pocket cost to help facilitate discussion with your clients.

In a market where all brokers are merely delivering identical GA quotes, a fresh presentation sets you apart.