BenefitCompare Employee User Guide

To begin the process, go to and use the Family Log In to enter your last name, birthdate and secret code (which is provided to you by your Broker).

At the bottom of the page, you will see the following choices:  Start, Profile, Household, Profile, Medical, Review, and Finish.  You will continue each step by selecting the NEXT button at the bottom right of the page.  If at any time you need to move to another section, you can use the bottom navigation buttons.

You will be creating your Profile with a short survey about your health history (that takes less than 5 minutes).

Household and Dependent Information

Start by entering your household information.  Add any dependents you want on your plan, including their names, birth dates and zip codes.  With the ACA, health insurance carriers now have a rate for each person on a health plan (i.e. Employee, Spouse, or Child) so they need these additional details for each person you are quoting.

NOTE:  Entering your household income is optional.  If you choose to include your Income in this section, BenefitCompare can also calculate the approximate subsidy you might qualify for on the Covered California (ACA) marketplace for Individual enrollments.

Next up, you will answer a short series of questions in the “Your Profile” section, which will enable the system to evaluate the cost of different health plans for you.  You will need to answer the following questions:

Are you (or a dependent) expecting to be pregnant this year?

Do you have a planned surgery for this year?  No?  Outpatient?  Inpatient?  Inpatient over 3 days?

(Next, you have the option to decline health coverage at this point if you would like.  If you continue, the system will help you narrow down plan options and find the best option for you)

Do you already have health coverage through a spouse or parent?

Are you generally healthy, having low and infrequent medical costs?


Now that you entered in all of your information (including any dependents), BenefitCompare will help you choose the best health plan for your needs.  In this section, you will see the health plan that BenefitCompare finds to be the best fit for your budget and medical claims.

Additionally in this section, you can manually update Doctor Visits, Hospital, and Prescription Costs.  If you know what your yearly expenses are, it would be best to enter them so that BenefitCompare can truly capture the best plan for you.   

The best plan and the lowest premium plan will be displayed.

BenefitCompare will help make the plan choices easy to understand.  And if your Employer is offering such benefits, you can also select any Voluntary products at this point, such as Dental and Vision.

Once you choose what plan you want, you would select “Add To Cart”.  

Review you product selection and then click “Next” to send your choices to your Broker.  That’s it!  Congratulations!

PLEASE NOTE:  This process does NOT enroll you automatically in a health plan, it sends the selected health plan to the broker so they know which plan you have selected.