Add More Hours To Your Day

Automation and Time Management

We've all said it, insurance agent or not, “What I would give for just one more hour in the day!” There just never seems to be enough time to get all of the quotes compiled, leads followed up on and client outreach done, not to mention everything else that goes into being a successful insurance agent and growing a thriving insurance agency. The truth though is that there is. It all comes down to time management and how we make use of the hours in the day. Just ask some of the most successful insurance agents out there how they get it all done in the same number of hours and you’ll hear many of the same productivity and time management tips including the importance of automation.

Yes, automation that not only helps top agents save time but also build stronger relationships with clients – a must in an increasingly impersonal world. There are two big ways an insurance agent can automate to streamline processes and build relationships:

Customer Management Software:

Not only can these kinds of software house vital customer contact information and call notes but they also allow for task management, easy organization of customers and many products integrate with common email platforms allowing for scheduled follow up emails to stay in touch in less time.

Some of the more popular brands for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software include Salesforce, ACT! for the Cloud, Apptivo, and Goldmine.

Quoting systems:

As the insurance industry becomes increasing complex, it becomes more and more important to rely on technology for compliance, accuracy and a streamlined process. The right system not only makes it easy for clients to find the best coverage options but it also does the bulk of the work for the insurance agent saving countless hours pulling and compiling quotes for individual clients.

Of course, we're partial to for all quoting and proposals for individuals and small groups, and its most valuable resource, the decision support it offers in narrowing down the plans based on premium and estimated claims usage.  As most of our readers know, we're offering a limited time free trial before our official launch.  Just click the logo below to sign up:

A nice bonus feature of BenefitCompare, free to anyone to use, is the Plans Page -- it includes all the rates and benefits for all the plans in California, along with links to download a PDF of the benefits for any carrier.  A valuable resource with so many plan options available!

As always, we would love to hear about your experience using the tool and how it saves you time running your agency.

Successful insurance agencies come from successful time management -- through superior customer service and from making automation work for them.  Start automating today to streamline your business while building stronger client relationships.

How do you use technology to automate your business without giving up the personal touch clients want in an insurance agent?