Reporting A Change Of Income on Covered California

According to the Covered California Call Center on May 18th, the "Change my Income" feature is not working properly.  Their I.T. Department is working on the known issue.  They are hoping to have it fixed by next month, at the latest.  If a Covered California consumer has an income change to report, they won’t be able to do it until June.  At that time, they may be able to make it retroactive to June 1st, 2015, if applicable.

The current feature in use, that allows a consumer to “adjust” the amount of the subsidy received, is not for future adjustments, it will make the changes retroactive to January 1st, 2015.  This could likely cause the carrier to (internally) refund all premiums paid and re-charge them the “newly adjusted” premium amounts with the adjusted subsidy.  So the current feature to "adjust" the subsidy received is not the way to adjust changes in income.

Feel free to comment below if you see that the "Change my Income" feature is working properly and as always, consumers and agents are encouraged to contact Covered California with any income changes (up or down) throughout the year: #800-300-1506.

Agents can click below for a downloadable PDF of how to report any changes when site is functioning normally: