Employers, HSA's, and Education

One of the many benefits of using our tool, is that agents/brokers can define an HSA plan benefit option to compare, and then BenefitCompare will summarize the net costs to employers, often bringing better coverage with lower overall costs to both employer and employee.

A recent article in Employee Benefit Adviser pointed out that even though HSA's are a valuable plan offering, a better understanding is needed:

 "...employees remain confused about HSAs and more education could help them utilize the accounts to their fullest intent and realize more savings for employers. The good news for advisers is most consumers prefer one-to-one conversations to improve their knowledge, according to the findings of a survey of more than 300 health care industry professionals conducted by Acclaris."

See also our blog post / video learning resource on explaining HSA's:

As a plan benefit adviser, do you offer HSA's to your clients?  We welcome your thoughts in the comments section below.