3 Ways To Input Census Data

The census starts your client file on BenefitCompare and is required to use our budget and reporting tools. When deciding to add a census, you have three different ways to get census data into the system quickly & easily.

Import File

If your existing census data is saved as a file on you computer, you can get your file’s data into the Benefit Compare system by clicking “Import File.” it will accept Excel spreadsheet (xls, or xlsx) files.  

Add Clipboard

If you have existing census data as text, you can copy the text to your computer’s clipboard and click on the “Clipboard” option where you’ll be able to cut-and-paste a tab-defined or csv file. Easy formatting instructions are on the following page.

Typing In A Census

If you only have a few people in your census, the easiest way might be to manually input your data. Click on the “Type Census” button and follow the direction on the following page.