New Consumer Site Provides Quality Ratings & Costs!

A new site recently released by California state officials is really a breakthrough for consumers of health insurance.  They can now look up the average costs for the most common medical procedures based on location, as well as review the quality ratings of various providers.

The consumer site can be accessed here:

The BenefitCompare tool will include a convenient link to this site for both agents and their employer groups to easily access while narrowing down their plan options.  The hardest part about choosing a health plan is understanding the true cost of premiums, treatments, and cost-sharing.  With this consumer website linked for easy access, it will help employers and their employees have simplicity and clarity as it pertains to their true overall out-of-pocket costs.

Barbara Feder Ostrov of Kaiser Health News covered the details of this new consumer site, along with links to other useful sites for quality reviews of hospitals (affiliated with Medicare), and, "which provides information on the state’s hospitals, doctor groups, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health and hospice services, adult day care, and services for the developmentally disabled."  You can access the full article by clicking on the KHN logo on the right.

BenefitCompare is dedicated to making agents' lives easier, so they can provide valuable evaluation tools that aren't available through straight proposals with a general agent.  With this added consumer site, your clients will have a full picture of the true costs of medical care.

See below for a related article on this new state website in the Los Angeles Times:

If you or your client(s) have used the new website, we encourage you to comment below and share your experience.