Employer Costs and Estimating Best Plan Options for Clients

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently conducted an annual survey of employers providing "...a detailed look at trends in employer-sponsored health coverage including premiums, employee contributions, cost-sharing provisions, and employer opinions. The 2015 survey included almost 2,000 interviews with non-federal public and private firms."

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article based on these results.  Journalist Anna Wilde Matthews wrote that nationally, "...the average cost of employer health coverage passed $17,000 for a family plan this year, despite continued muted growth on a percentage basis..."

In California, CHCF conducted a similar study on employer coverage, costs, and benefits -- and published the results in March, which can be found here:

Using this data and other benchmarks, the BenefitCompare tool automatically makes plan recommendations based on an employee and/or family's anticipated medical claims.  BenefitCompare gives you estimated out-of-pocket costs for local specific claims based off your bronze, silver, gold, or platinum plan.