Decision Support

  • Automatically make plan recommendations based on a family's anticipated claims. 
  • Guide families and individuals to a suitable health plan for their needs.



Employee Assistance and Plan Recommendations

  • Employees get their own private log in credentials and answer a confidential questionnaire.
  • Decision support makes it easy for employees to select a plan based on their share of costs.
  • BenefitCompare makes plan recommendations based on a employee/family's anticipated claims.

Help your agency to grow its client database

BenefitCompare is a new time saving health insurance broker software web application. It easily syncs across all devices including your desktop, tablet, or mobile. Not only can the software help brokers with client management, it is a powerful tool that offers quick and easy cost sharing (defined benefit and defined contribution allocations), broker proposals, and client decision support. BenefitCompare is a software solution for insurance brokers throughout California to help clients with their healthcare needs. While BenefitCompare is not a CRM application in the traditional sense, it does help brokers with client management and increasing insurance sales. There’s nothing to download. Membership is free for licensed brokers in California.